American Pet Transport

Owner name
Adam Goll
Operating authority
Not Provided
Transport Types
Small Animal
Company Bio
Hello, I'm Adam from Pensacola, Fl.

I am USDA licensed and carry Pet liability insurance. Also, full coverage car insurance. I am a former EMT and Firefighter with training in animal first aid. I have owned cats, dogs, fish (salt and fresh), and exotics. I was licensed with USDA class B breeder and Florida FWC. I am now licensed with the USDA with a class T rating. I have been a professional driver with rideshare, EMS, and non-emergency medical transport. Trained in EVOC, defensive driving, and SMITH. Currently have a sedan but looking to upgrade to a larger vehicle as the business grows. I do rent depending on the route. 

When  I ran the business Hedgehogs By Adam, I was featured in newspapers, local, and national news for my animal efforts. I have transported and sold over 600 animals in a short period of time. I have recently been featured in Voyage Tamps Magazine. 

I have experience handling and caring for fish, coral, inverts, hedgehogs, degus, sugar gliders, chinchillas, short tail possum, snakes, amphibians, chameleons, spiders, lizards, rodents.

What should you look for when hiring an animal transport company?

Trusting someone with your animals is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. Understand the safety requirements specific to your pet and do your research before hiring a transport company. Use websites like Hauling Buddies to discover your transport options and pick a transporter that meets your needs. Hopefully, this article will provide you with the tools you need to get your animals safely on to their next adventure.

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