Zen Equestrian

Owner name
Kelly Anne Taplin
Not Provided
Operating authority
Not Provided
Transport Types
Equine Small Animal
Company Bio
Zen Equestrian was founded in 2021 by Kelly Taplin. At the time, Kelly was selling horses full time, which meant she had to interact with shippers, both commercial and private, on a day to day basis. After time, Kelly became extremely frustrated with the lack of communication, last minute schedule changes, and cancellations, so she decided to start her own company to fix these issues. Zen Equestrian was founded on the promise of great communication accross the board, with great horse care and professional drivers as a must have. Hay being in front of all horses at all times is a given, not only as a way to prevent colic but just plain good care for animals designed to have forage at all times. In addition, our trailer has special bucket mounts-where most haulers give water only at stops, your horse has access to water 24/7 in our trailer, which encourages them to drink to keep their digestive system moving and to stay hydrated during the entire journey. We are able to offer both "box" and standing stall options for your equine(s) and have experience with youngstock as well as fresh off the track thoroughbreds all the way to experienced show horses. Each of the horses on the trailer is treated as one of our own. We promise to provide the ultimate trailering experience for you and your equines!

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