Cozy Acre Ranch

Cozy Acre Ranch

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Nancy Criss
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Equine Livestock Small Animal
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Welcome to Cozy Acre Transportations.  We offer the next step in getting your new equine safely to your hands effortlessly. It is of utmost importance to us that your equine experiences a safe and comfortable experience. We pride ourselves on being experienced Equestrians, with years of horsemanship from Event Showing, Training, Rodeo, and of course the day-to-day enjoyment these creatures provide us. Nowadays, it is possible to purchase your next equine from across the country and you need the assurance that they will get to you under the best circumstances from coast-to-coast. That is why we strive to stay true to our name, Cozy Acre Transportations. 

These are multiple services we provide to make this mission possible: Direct Routes, Loaded Trailer Routes, and Charter Routes all included with real-time tracking.

DIRECT ROUTES: This entails the quickest possible way to get your equine, as this route offers door-to-door services from the Seller's address to the Buyer's address. 

LOAD TRAILER ROUTES: When you book a Loaded Trailer Route, this means your equine will be added to a pre-existent route. This is our more affordable option, though this will increase the transport time period. Think of it as a public bus; we have to pick up locations that will lead us to the next drop-off locations. We schedule this route to be as quick as possible, under the safest conditions the open road can provide by routing it so our pickups and drops lead smoothly to one another. 

CHARTER ROUTES: This route is for those that need multiple horses loaded to the same location. Think of it like a Direct Route, but at a discounted rate for the full trailer load. 

REAL-TIME TRACKING: This is what sets us apart from other transportation companies; We understand the stress and concern you feel when transporting your equine over long distances. Many concerns can arise about where they are and ETA estimates. This is how we offer you the reassurance you need so you can sit back and watch your equine smoothly arrive to you. We provide this service to all routes at all quotes because travel reassurance is priceless. 

TRAILER EXPECTATIONS: We provide all equines on our trailer access to 24/7 hay, water, safety leads, and shavings to ensure they feel safe and comfortable during their trip. To ensure the equines and us get the breaks we all need during the long trip, we stop every 6 hours and unload so all may stretch and be inspected. When it is time to stop and fill the truck up with gas, we inspect each equine and tap off any hay or water that may be needed. We only travel 12 hours per day, because we understand the strain and stress that some may experience on the trip. This is why we provide stalls to all equines each night, so everyone is well-rested for the next day's adventure. We also provide multiple photographs of your equine during their adventure so you may experience the trip with them and be assured they are in good hands.

We look forward to uniting you with your new heart horse. 

- Cozy Acre Transportations

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